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Non-linear Control Based on Physical Models

Electrical, Mechanical and Hydraulic Systems


This book combines real problems of practical interest with an application of profound theory. The mathematical model is derived step by step on the basis of physical principles, and the physics behind the control problems serves as a basis for the controller design. The book demonstrates how the physics behind the mathematical models can help to successfully apply a certain control strategy. The book aims to show the practical relevance of the presented methods, methods which are often criticised as only of theoretical interest, through an examination of their industrial applications. Throughout, the book gives the unique mathematical formulation of the different disciplines involved, namely electrical, hydraulic and mechanical engineering. Yet it also points out the common mathematical structure of the different physical models. This makes it possible to transfer reliable control strategies between the disciplines.

Verlag Springer London
Sammlung Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences
Auflage 13.11.2000
ISBN-10 1852333294
ISBN-13 9781852333294


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